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Welcome to Road Trip

Road Trip is a web application that allows user to share photos and custom information on a map with their friends using Windows Live Services.



Version 1.0 Features

  1. Create/Read/Update/Delete Travel route
  2. Create/Read/Update/Delete location with Photos and Notes for the above route
  3. Select Photo location from msn Space & Other URL

  1. View Travel route and photo locations on the map

Use Case Scenarios

Plotting building/site locations on the map with person/site images definitely will increase site traffic, build community, and strengthen customer relationships through highly visual and customizable Web experiences that let customers view and share location-based information.

Following snapshot is created using an imaginary Travel itinerary


In this client side solution, most of the user response activities take place on the client side. Ajax and Server side Web service components are used only to read/update the Customized user information. i.e. Route and Map location. Typical JavaScript methods are used to invoke the Windows live API methods. XML is selected as default to store the travel Map coordinates and photo locations. See the Release tab for using Sql server.

Tools & Technologies used

  1. Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2
  2. Windows live
    1. Spaces Photo Control Beta v0.3
    2. Contacts Control v0.3
    3. Virtual Earth v5.0
    4. Live ID Web Authentication 1.0

Server Requirements

.NET (2.0 or above) and IIS (version 6.0 or above)

Client Requirements

IE (6 or above) or Firefox (1.5 or above)

Light-weight Approach

If a user wants to create/share a itinerary information temporarily in the query string without storing in the database then, it is completely possible to skip off all the server side components. Meaning we can remove all our AJAX code from the aspx file and replace that with plain vanilla html and JavaScript code.

Future releases

Future releases will include the following
  1. GeoRSS and Collection import
  2. Photo Image uploads using Windows Live SkyDrive
  3. Search/Fetch photo location based on tags from Flickr and other web sites


This application is developed using the open process that includes frequent builds and releases in this community of code and documentation. If you find bugs or want additional capabilities addressed by the team, use the Issue Tracker to create a new Work Item. If you want to contribute please send us an email.

You can influence this project. Please send us feedback!

Our team will continuously monitor the forums in this site to get feedback on content and to help us prioritize.

Road Trip Client Team

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